How We Are Different

Designing & Building for Sustainability and Efficiency

Creating energy efficient homes is an important initiative across the country–lessening our impact on the environment in every way possible. Summit Residential has been building efficient and sustainable homes in Connecticut for over a decade, and stand as the leading developer of Energy Star, geothermal and solar heated communities. We have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively design and build unique and efficient homes that are on the path to minimal environmental footprint.

Success & Value in Every Community

We take pride in what we build.

Throughout the process of designing and building every community project, Summit Residential, LLC adds the important elements of personal involvement and attention to detail. We are committed to excellence in every aspect, and recognize how important both the neighborhood and each individual house are. We spend more time on site planning and architecture than most developers. Our homes are unique in that way–using more windows than average, designing with nine-foot ceilings and integrating two-story volume spaces to bring more light into the home, making them feel more airy, open, and comfortable.

Energy Efficiency in CT

Geothermal & Solar Heated Housing

Geothermal heating & cooling systems for homes use the constant temperature of the ground to head and cool areas of a home. During cold months, warmth from the ground is brought in through the system to warm the home. Alternately, during warm summer months the heat is removed from the house. Solar thermal systems can also be used to provide heat. Home owners with these systems can expect drastically reduced energy bills – some by over 30%.  In addition, by not relying on fossil fuels or gas to heat or cool the home, year-round heating & cooling is possible without emissions or fuel costs.

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