Our Story

Real Estate Development for Sustainable Communities Throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY

We are a small Connecticut-based residential real estate development company which has built communities throughout the state of Connecticut and in Westchester county, NY. We take pride in living and working in Connecticut and trying to build distinctive, sustainable communities. Summit Residential has always been an innovator in both land planning and building construction techniques: pioneering clustered single family home developments and now we are the State’s leading developer of Energy Star, geothermal and solar heated communities.

Award-Winning Communities

Summit Residential LLC is a partnership between two talented, successful teams. James Pendry is an experienced residential developer, and equity investor Louis Cappelli is a developer of large commercial office & shopping centers. Formed in 1994, Summit began single-family home development in Connecticut. Their first community, Great Oak Farm, has won three awards from the National Association of Home Builders: Best Cluster Housing Project in CT, Best Site Plan in CT, and Best Designed “Empty Nester” style home. We continue to achieve excellence in design, architecture, planning, and green building across the State.

Management & Sustainability

Summit Residential is known for successfully managing and developing complex and challenging community clusters. We stand at the forefront of innovation, and our property management practices set the standard for service, attention to detail, and larger community enhancement. Our flexibility amongst the changing market conditions allow us to continue to be an innovator and leader in design and home building. This includes a large focus on building impact–careful design decisions regarding water usage, materials, and energy efficiency.

Community Living

In planning a community, there are many decisions to consider–space design, home design, architecture, sustainability, landscaping, and so many others. The most important decisions, however, are human-centric, meaning that we focus on how each decision impacts the way residents will live. Our approach is to always consider the way people will live and work in and around these communities. They must be a part of a larger environment, and through green initiatives, resident services, and cultural enhancements, we can achieve a balanced community life.